Snow Ball War

BUY DVD IN OUR WEBSHOP! CLICK FOR VOD/INTERNET WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES The small city of Vardoe is located on an island high up in arctic Norway. The Barents Sea surrounding the island is abundant with fish. But no fisheries exist in Vardoe and the houses are empty. The inhabitants are declaring Snow Ball War to […]

Mrs Anita Remme and The Snow Ball War Committee is leaving for Japan, where the sport is called Yukigassen. Anita is eager to learn more about Yukigassen and she hopes the sport will bring some optimism back to the city of Vardoe. The plumber Thor Valter Endresens’s company has a Snow Ball War team of their […]

There are few available jobs in Vardoe and Dani Didriksen is still on the dole. He is good looking and the girls are attracted to him. The teenage parents Kjetil Sund and Mariann Johnsen gave birth to a son, Kevin, when they were 17 years old. They have decided to break up and go their separate […]

Mr Thor Valter Endresen’s plumbing business is near bankruptcy. But they have one last chance, to win the contract to rehabilitate the old school in the city of Vardoe. THE SNOW BALL WAR – EPISODES OG TRAILERS

Mrs Anita Remme and The Snow Ball War Committee are back from Japan and eager to start preparations for The Snow Ball War Festival in Vardoe. Mr Kjetil Sund and Ms Mariann Johnsen have broke up. But Mariann is now pregnant again and soon to be the mother of their second child at the age […]

In the arctic city of Vardoe the plumber Mr Thor Valter Endresen learns that the big contract to rehabilitate the city’s public school is to be negotiated again. Maybe there will be work for him and his three sons in Vardoe afterall? Mr Kjetil Sund and Ms Mariann Johnsen gives birth to their second child […]

The whole community in the little arctic city of Vardoe has gathered in front of the church for the opening night show of The Snow Ball War Festival. The plumbing company’s Snow Ball War team, Yeti, is eager to win the finals.  After a lot of pressure from his mother, unemployed Mr Dani Didriksen gets […]

The Snow Ball War has started in the arctic city of Vardoe. The plumbers team, Yeti, are favourites and there is a lot at stake. But the festival is not only about sport. It’s also about having a good time. Mr Kjetil Sund’s Snow Ball War team is called Still Running and they have made […]