In “Woolly”, director Rebekka Nystabakk follows her sister Rakel as she becomes the 4th generation to run the family farm. Together with her wife Ida, Rakel is enthusiastic, but aware that they have a lot to learn. Rakel’s father, a farmer for 40 years, knows what lies ahead: years when spring never arrives, summers of […]

When theater director Stein Winge suddenly lost his wife Kari, his daughter Viktoria stepped in to help. A beautiful and close story about getting through grief. There has always been a strong bond between Stein and Viktoria. Already as a five-year-old, she declared that she would look after him for the rest of her life, […]

Reiulf Aleksandersen is an ethnic Norwegian. He has dreamt of owning reindeer ever since he was a little boy. A once in a lifetime opportunity presents itself when a Sami woman retires and offers Reiulf her siida unit, a permission to own a reindeer herd, on the island Kvaløya. But according to Norwegian law only […]

  For DVD For VOD – internet Watch trailer Available with English, Spanish, Norwegian and Sami subtitles.           The priest Boerre Knudsen is the most famous pro life activist in Norway. His 30 year long crusade for the unborn child resulted in him having to flee his house in Northern Norway […]

The Snow Cave Man Sur les traces du vagabond skieur – La Liberte “Śnieżny pustelnik”, reżyseria: Fridtjof Kjaereng Buy The Snow Cave Man on internet/VOD – click here. Buy The Snow Cave Man on DVD/Blu-Ray – click here. DVD/BluRay available with English, German, French and Spanish subtitles and lot’s of funny bonus material! The Snow […]

Mr Mustache is a short documentary about men and their mustaches. Consisting of several interviews woven together as a lively collage, the ten participants tell both disadvantages and positive effects from the hair growing beneath their noses. This humoristic film covers subjects such as kissing and risky consumption of messy ice creams. Director Orjan Jensen […]

Back to Pakistan The second film from The Hussain family, King Hussain of Pakistan – Queen Asia of Norway, shows Mr Gholam Hussain returning to his beloved homeland Pakistan to build a grand house for himself and his family. But his wife, Asia Begum, is reluctant to move back with him. But she agrees to […]

Young Beate Kjaereng hates living in the country. She lives on the isolated island of Rolla in a beautiful and exotic part of northern Norway that is becoming increasingly depopulated. Beate feels she has no future on the island. All she can do is party all night and sleep all day. Her parents are getting […]

The winter in Norway is long and cold. But Mr Hussain is patient, waiting for a truckload of sheep. His customers in Oslo’s eastend are mainly moslem migrants and they don’t want frozen meat, only fresh mutton. Finally a truckload of lamb arrives and Mr Hussain is triumphant doing his halal duties as a butcher. […]

At the end of the Bosnian war three Bosnian soldiers were each given a video camera to film their lives, at the front and their return to civilian life in Bosnia. Do they see a future in a united Bosnia, or do they want too separate and get it over and done with once and […]

A young Bosnian woman, Jasmina Mulalic, travels back to Sarajevo to meet her father after 4 years as refugee in Norway. Her father has already divorced her mother who came with her to Norway. Jasmina want to know why. Production Production company: f(x) productions 1997 Producer: Fridtjof Kjaereng Director: Fridtjof Kjaereng og Hege Michelsen Editor: […]

What do the migrants think about us arian Norwegians? In this documentary film we meet 5 migrants from different parts of the world and get to hear their opinion. Production Production company: f(x) productions 1996 Producer: Fridtjof Kjaereng Director: Fridtjof Kjaereng og Ruth Birkeland Editor: Diderik Cappelen Duration: 30 min. First Broadcast: NRK1 4.6.1996