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Young Beate Kjaereng (18) hates living in the country. She lives on the isolated island of Rolla in a beautiful and exotic part of northern Norway that is becoming increasingly depopulated.
Beate feels she has no future on the island. All she can do is party all night and sleep all day! Beate’s parents are fed up with having an unemployed teenager hanging around. As tension in the family rises, conflicts become a part of everyday life. Beate feels she has to leave at any cost. Why is life in a small Norwegian village so impossible for a young girl like Beate?

In this funny and entertaining documentary, director Fridtjof Kjæreng turns his eye to the Scandinavian welfare system. Although Norway has a relatively good social welfare system and is regarded by the rest of the world as a rich country, people still get bored! This is especially true for teenagers influenced by the media, who want to move to the larger towns down south to get more excitement in their lives…

1st Prize for Best Children and Youth Programme at Barents TV-festival, Finland, October 2002.