The Snow Cave Man DVD/Blu-Ray

The Snow Cave Man DVD, PAL version
Zone free DVD, European/PAL version, also adaptable to some newer DVD-players and computer playback woldwide.
English, German, French and Spanish subtitles and lot’s of funny bonus material!

The Snow Cave Man Blu-Ray
Universal Blu-ray, NTSC, PAL,  with English, Spanish, German and French subtitles and lot’s of funny bonus material!
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The Snow Cave Man has lived in snow caves high up in the barren Norwegian mountains for 30 years. Like Nietzsche’s Zarathustra, he has developed his own morale code and a biting sense of humour. He is a true environmentalist, but in his own way. Living among the blizzards and reindeer his life is far from the bourgeois materialistic life of the modern Scandinavian welfare state. The Snow Cave Man is shocked to receive the news that his mother has passed away. She leaves behind a clear message to him in the form of an ultimatum: In her last will and testament he inherits her apartment in the city, valued at appr. € 100 000, on the condition that he lives in the apartment or uses the money to purchase other form of permanent housing and settles down like a normal person. What will The Snow Cave Man do? Give up his life as a free spirit in the mountains – or forfeit the money from his inheritance?
The film about the Snow Cave Man centres on the quest for liberty and the human cost of complete freedom.