Reindeer Island – series

Documentary series in 6 episodes developed for NRK1 – Norwegian Broadcasting Coorporation

First linear broadcast Monday 04. March 2019

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Reiulf Aleksandersen is an ethnic Norwegian. He has dreamt of owning reindeer ever since he was a little boy. A once in a lifetime opportunity presents itself when a Sami woman retires and offers Reiulf her siida unit, a permission to own a reindeer herd, on the island Kvaløya. But according to Norwegian law only persons of Sami* descent may head a siida unit. Therefore Reiulf’s wife, Risten, who is a born Sami, must become the formal head of their siida unit if her husband is to turn his lifelong dream into reality. There’s another siida unit on Kvaløya, headed by Sami reindeer herder Per Lars Kitti. He is strongly opposed to the newcomers establishing themselves on the island. He takes his case to court in order to stop them. 

* The Sami are the indigenous people of the Nordic countries.

Producers: f(x) productions AS and NRK – Norwegian Broadcasting Coorporation:

6 x 39 min 4K
52/58/80 min 4K int. film versions

Producers: Fridtjof Kjaereng, Benedikte Bredesen

Exe. producer NRK: Tone Lein

Producer NRK: Håvard Gulldahl

Director an photography: Fridtjof Kjaereng

Editors: Hans Børge Hartvigsen, Per Einar Grønmo, Fridtjof Kjaereng

Music: Geir Sundstoel

Sound mix: Arne Schei, Nils Petter Christensen

Graphics: Kitty Ensby

Grading and online: Bjørn Even Skogsfjord