Back from the front: Bosnian Video Diary

At the end of the Bosnian war three Bosnian soldiers were each given a video camera to film their lives, at the front and their return to civilian life in Bosnia. Do they see a future in a united Bosnia, or do they want too separate and get it over and done with once and for all? Are they now ready to forgive each other?

The film has a strong personal style originating from the three young Bosnians, and contains strong war material from their lives at the front lines. Yet there is also plenty of humour, and they give the viewer good insight in the psychology of the Balkan people.



Production company: f(x) productions 1998
Producer: Fridtjof Kjaereng
Director: Fridtjof Kjaereng
Editor: Diderik Cappelen
Participating in the film: Vladimir Matijevic, Kresimir Miketa og Zanin Zjuljevic
Duration: 52 m.
Financing: Utenriksdepartementet og Norsk Kassettavgiftsfond.