Across Canada


Canada from coast to coast is approximately 8000 kilometer walking distance. The Norwegian explorer Lars Monsen and his six dogs is to spend nearly three years in the Canadian wilderness. Hiking, skiing, using the dogsledge or in the canoe, they are planning to move all the way from northeastern Alaska to the coast of Labrador. Most of the Wilderness is uninhabited by humans. Some even inaccessible by planes.

This ground breaking 6 x 29 min episode videodiary serial was one of the first of it’s kind and established a trend for the expedition documentary serials to come. It made Lars Monsen one of the most popular Norwegian TV personalities on record.

Across Canada was awarded the National Norwegian TV award Gullruten for best documentary serial in 2005.

6 episode descriptions with some trailers (Norwegian Language Only)

Across Canada (1): On a dogsledge through the Northwestern passage (Norwegian language only)

To most people 8000 kilometer alone through some of the worlds most remote wilderness in extreme cold temperatures and with wolves and bears around does not seem like a good idea. But to Lars Monsen this is the perfect challenge. (NRK1 torsdag 6. januar kl 19.55) – More…

Across Canada (2): Hunting wolves in the deep forests (Norwegian language only)

The sea ice in Alaska is behind him and Lars Monsen is moving through the deep forests of The Northwestern Territory. It’s bitterly cold but plenty of wildlife. (NRK1 torsdag 13. januar kl 19.55) – More…

Across Canada (3): Hudson Bay or certain death (Norwegian language only)

Lars Monsen is facing his biggest challenge. He has to move through 1500 kilometres of the worlds most remote wilderness. Only the wolves are there to keep him company. (NRK1 torsdag 20. januar kl 19.55) – More…

Across Canada (4): Among the hunters of polar bears (Norwegian language only)

Lars Monsen has arrived at the Hudson Bay and get a first hand experience what it’s like to be attacked by a polar bear. (NRK1 torsdag 27. januar kl 19.55) – More…

Across Canada (5): 2000 kilometre on sea ice (Norwegian language only)

Hudson Bay is enormous and Lars Monsen has to move through 2000 kilometres of sea ice. But the warm weather is becoming a problem. (NRK1 torsdag 3. februar kl 19.55) – More…

Across Canada (6): Towards the end of a three year long expedition (Norwegian language only)

Lars Monsen is near the end of his three year long expedition. It’s been tough both for himself and his dogs. Will they make the final distance (NRK1 torsdag 10.februar 2005 kl. 19.55) – More…


Producer: Coproduction between f(x) production AS og NRK 2005
Entertainer: Lars Monsen
Director: Fridtjof Kjaereng
Executive producer NRK: Ivar Ragne Jenssen
Press NRK: Haakon M. Sverdrup