Fuckin’ Rock’n´ Rolla

Young Beate Kjaereng hates living in the country. She lives on the isolated island of Rolla in a beautiful and exotic part of northern Norway that is becoming increasingly depopulated.
Beate feels she has no future on the island. All she can do is party all night and sleep all day. Her parents are getting tired of having an unmotivated teenager around and the tension is rising in the family. Beate feels she has to leave at any cost. Why is living in the Norwegian countryside unbearable for a young woman like Beate?

Good bye, shit island…

In this entertaining documentary director Mr Fridtjof Kjaereng describes what it’s like to be a teenager in the countryside of modern Norway. He is adressing the myth that safe jobs and better roads are the sole dream for the young generation. Maybe the exodus from the coutryside is culturally motivated? The young generation want to live in the big cities simply because life there is more exciting to them. This is the life they dream of! At least for a period in their life.

First broadcast on National TV 2, 19. June 2002. Market share amongst the 20-29 years population: 72%.
Also broadcast on the Nordic TV channels.


Prize winner for Best Children- and Youth Programme at The Barents TV festival in Piteaa, Finland 2002.
Tromsoe International Film Festival TIFF , Tromsoe, Norway 2002.
The Norwegian Short and Documentary Film Festival, Volda, Norway 2002
Hela Sveriges Filmfestival, Gotland, Sweden 2003
Buster, New Nordic Children Films, Copenhagen, Denmark 2003
Prix Europa, Berlin, Germany 2003.
Film Festival of Umeaa, Sweden


Production company: f(x) productions AS 2002
Producer: Fridtjof Kjaereng
Director: Fridtjof Kjaereng
Cinematography: Fridtjof Kjaereng
Editor: Erland Edenholm
Duration: 50 m.
Financing: f(x) productions AS, TV2 AS og Nordnorsk Filmsenter AS
First broadcast: TV2 19.6.2002