King Hussain of Pakistan – Queen Asia of Norway

Hussain’s Butcher Shop

The documentary film from Hussain’s Butcher Shop became a huge success becoming one of the most popular and acclaimed documentaries in the history of Norwegian TV.
The film was broadcast on Norwegian Broadcasting Coorporation, NRK, 4 times during the year 2000 and has participated on several film festivals around the world.

Back to Pakistan

The second film from The Hussain family, King Hussain of Pakistan – Queen Asia of Norway, shows Mr Gholam Hussain returning to his beloved homeland Pakistan to build a grand house for himself and his family. But his wife, Asia Begum, is reluctant to move back with him. But she agrees to vistit him in Pakistan and see the house when their youngest son is to get married to a young Pakistani woman.  What will Asia do? Live together with her husbond in Pakistan or return to Norway to live with her 3 sons and grandchildren?

The film is a close portrait of the different members of the Hussain family and the goals and interests of the different generations. Gholam Hussain is a first generation immigrant to Norway and he still feels strong affection for his homeland. But the second generation is educated and assimilated into a Norwegian and western culture. And Asia Begum finds herself drawn between these two different perspectives.


Production company: f(x) productions AS 2005
Producer: Fridtjof Kjaereng
Director: Fridtjof Kjaereng
Cinematography: Fridtjof Kjaereng
Editor: Erland Edenholm
Duration: 50 min.
Financing: Norsk Filmfond, Nordisk film- and TV-fond, NRK, YLE


First Broadcast: NRK1, 19.4.2005
Broadcast: ARTE, SBS Nederland, YLE Finland, the Scandinavian broadcasters and others

Major awards

Winner of Prix Europa IRIS 2005. Best multicultural programme in Europe.

Nominated to Amanda 2005. National Norwegian Movie Award.

Produsent: f(x) productions 2004
Director: Fridtjof Kjaereng
Cinematography: Fridtjof Kjaereng
Editor: Erland Edenholm 

Financial support: Norsk Filmfond, Nordisk film- og TV-fond, NRK, YLE