f(x) productions

Snow Ball War – TV series

The Battle for Survival

8 x 39 min serial

52 min international version











The small town of Vardoe is located on an island high up on the arctic coast of Norway. The Barents Sea surrounding the island is abundant with fish. But no fisheries exist and Vardoe has lost half of it’s population since the seventies, from approx 4000 inhabitants to the 2000 remaining in the city today.

The young generation has no faith in the arctic’s future and are leaving for the populated south and a more exciting urban lifestyle. Norway is considered being the success of the “Scandinavian Welfare State”, but in 2008 Vardoe was the city in Norway with the highest unemployment figures. There are few jobs in Vardoe and the ones available are not attractive to the youngsters. They would rather stay on the dole.

In this unique and entertaining eight episode series the TV viewers get to know the people of Vardoe much like the characters in a drama serial. The serial explores why some people still want to live in the small town in the extreme dark of  winter surrounded by blizzards and northern lights. But there is also a good quality of life, a fantastic nature and a beautiful summer when the wildlife return to the arctic.

Four distinct groups of people are portrayed in their everyday struggle and happiness.

One of the groups portrayed is the Snow Ball War Committee. The Committee is headed by president Ms Anita Remme and they organize a Snow Ball War Festival in Vardoe every spring. The sport originates from Japan and the island of Hokkaido where a similar small town like Vardoe, named Sobetsu, also has experienced a downturn. In Japan The Snow Ball War is called Yukigassen and Anita and her committee travels to Sobetsu to learn more about the Japanese sport, and how it has helped bring optimism back to the town, before returning to Norway to arrange this years festival in Vardoe!

Mr Thor Valter Endresen is running a small plumbers business together with his 3 sons. But the business is not successful and on the verge of bancrupcy. That’s why Thor Valter is taking on the job as the town’s undertaker as well as running a greenhouse supplying flowers to the town’s households. He is also in charge of Yeti, one of the most experienced Snow Ball War teams in Vardoe.

Mr Kjetil Sund (17) is dreaming of becoming a chef, but has already got a child together with his girlfriend, Mariann Johnsen. Kjetil is still living a teenage life filled with hobbies and parties and the grandparents on both sides increasingly takes the responsibility for the newborn. Tension within the families rises when a new child is on the arrival.

Mr Dani Didriksen lost his job when the plumbing business had to lay off staff.  He is on the dole and spends his time with parties and girls, to his mother’s despair.

All the participants have in common the love for the great “Snow Ball War”!

Producer: f(x) productions AS, Norway

Coproducer, Norwegian Broadcasting Coorporation, Norway.