f(x) productions

f(x) productions is an independent Norwegian production company established in 1995 to serve the Norwegian film and TV market with innovative documentary films of high quality and journalistic integrity.

This has resulted in extensive cooperation between f(x) productions AS and the National TV networks in Norway, NRK and TV2.

f(x) production’s films has been screened extensively by international broadcasters and the films have participated with success on international film festivals.

Director biography

Fridtjof Kjaereng (b. 1964) has 25 years experience as a director and producer within the Norwegian film- and TV industry. Kjaereng worked for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) for several years, before establishing f(x) productions AS in 1996.

His most acclaimed documentaries are Hussain’s Butcher Shop (2000), Fuckin’ Rock’n’ Rolla (2002) and King Hussain of Pakistan – Queen Asia of Norway (2005). King Hussain of Pakistan – Queen Asia of Norway won The European TV award «Prix Europa Iris» for best multicultural documentary in Europe. The film was also nominated to the National Film Award «Amanda».

In 2005, the successful serial Across Canada featuring the explorer Lars Monsen was broadcast on NRK 1, and was awarded the National «Gullruten TV Award».

In March 2010 The feature length documentary The Snow Cave Man had it’s successful cinema premiere in the Norwegian theatres with following broadcast on TV2.

In January 2011 The Snow Ball War, a 8×40 min serial from the small arctic city of Vardoe, had premiere on NRK1.

Kjaereng participated in both the «Gullruten TV- jury» and the documentary film jury at the Norwegian Short Film Festival Grimstad in 2006.

Press photos

Download press photos of Producer/Director Fridtjof Kjæreng and Producer Benedikte Bredesen.